Asymmetric Dimple Trilby


The shape is the ‘Dimple Trilby’ which is very comfortable to wear as it’s rounded to shape the head. This hat has got some simple feathers, which can be made larger or smaller by request. The hat will come with a red velvet trim as default, please email if you’d like to change this.

The standard size is medium, but this can be made bigger or smaller, please request this via email: [email protected]

The two main felt options are Wool Felt and Rabbit Felt, they are both good quality and warm felts made from natural fibres. To imagine the difference between the two, it’s similar to the difference between buying a wool jumper and a cashmere / angora jumper. Brushed rabbit gives a much softer, luxurious finish, and is much warmer.

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Felt Material

Wool Felt, Rabbit Felt


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