Taxidermy Butterfly Hat


This is officially one from Sahar Millinery’s sister label, ‘UglyLovely‘ but it was so beautiful, we wanted it here too! Made from real butterflies which have all died naturally and picked up and preserved with love and care, this sinamay base hat has an abundance of net veil which mounts the butterflies. The butterflies are strengthened and backed in gold leaf for that extra special touch.

The standard amount of butterflies is 6, however if you’d like any more or less, please enquire for prices.

As these are all real butterflies, each one is unique and this piece is always handmade to order, using the butterflies that are available, and therefore will not look exactly like the one in the photo. Each butterfly has been strengthened and designed to be worn, but please handle with care as it is still a delicate piece.


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