The Red Shoes

25 Jan 2017
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The Red Shoes

I first saw this film when i was 6 years old, in the hospital waiting room when my mum was pushing out my brother. Of course my parents were too preoccupied with the birth that they’d forgotten to find a babysitter or pack any toys for their 6 and 8 year old girls. So, there we waited on our own for hours, the only entertainment being a tiny TV in the top corner of the room playing this curious film The Red Shoes. We were hooked – i’m not sure if we were incredibly cultured little people, or just really bored.

Matthew Bourne’s Red Shoes and Sadlers Wells

Yesterday I watched Matthew Bourne’s Ballet version at Sadlers Wells staring the gorgeous Cordelia Braithwaite. It was breathtakingly beautiful – stunning set design and costumes by Lez Brotherston, and the music and performance was faultless. Even the venue was decorated with red ballet shoes hanging from the ceiling!

Photograph above by Dave Morgan showing the gorgeous red velvet and crystal costume over her tulle dress.

Moira Shearer in the original 1948 film.

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