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How to wear a Faux-Turban

June 14, 2017

Sahar Millinery’s range of ‘Faux-Turbans’ are an easy way to add a bit of ‘pizazz’ or your outfit. Designed to be daywear so as easy to match with jeans as it is with a pretty vintage dress. They are twisted cotton, pre-tied, pre-sewn and with a simple piece of elastic at the back it’s as simple as ‘on’ / ‘off’.

I first designed Faux-Turbans when I started doing pop up shops, and punters would comment how much they loved the style, but didn’t have any occasion to wear them, and wished they could wear my pieces every day. So – the daywear collection was born! Faux-Turbans are a cross between a headband and a turban: designed to look like a turban from the front, without the committal of a full turban All credit to my husband who came up with the perfect name for them: Faux-Turban!

Depending on the fabric and twist, a Faux-Turban can look very 1940’s, African, or contemporary, so browse the collection here:

African Style vintage headwrap for white girls

Thank you to the lovely Iona Layland for modeling my Faux-Turbans here and Ronnie and Rose for the photography:

And when Iona isn’t modelling, she’s a personal trainer!

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