Hat Hire

Hat Hire

Sahar Millinery offers a selection of hats for hire

If you are someone who goes to events infrequently then hat hire could be a good option. Or, if you are someone who goes to events very frequently, then hat rental is a great way of rotating your millinery wardrobe and putting sustainable fashion first. 

Wedding hats for hire used to be much easier to find, but as the number of shops where you can turn up and hire a hat diminish, people are turning to milliners whose primary business isn’t hat hire, but do indeed have a good selection of hats to hire

If you cannot come to the studio, we are happy to offer a hat hire online service where you can contact us, and together we can go through some available options, if you can email us a photo of your outfit, we can offer our advice on what might work. 

As our primary business is bespoke millinery, hat hire is secondary, and therefore we don’t generally allow clients to reserve hats in advance, unless we have multiples. This is all done in conversation and with honesty, we try to be as helpful as possible, for example, talking you through several hat options for your outfit, so the likelihood being, at least one will be available for you. 

The hire period is one full day, you can pick up the evening before and drop off the morning after. Wedding hat hire (or, any hire outside of Royal Ascot) we can sometimes offer more flexibility, but Ascot hat hire is more strict with timings. As you can imagine, lots of people at Royal Ascot are looking for Ascot hats for hire, hence the necessity to be stricter with our policies. 

As a general rule, the cost for hire is one third of the cost to buy, so you can have a look through our hats in the shop section to get an idea of prices. (We take the full payment of the hat and refund you when it has been returned damage free – if there is any damage then this deposit will not be returned). 

No refunds – once a hat has been taken / posted for hire, then it will be considered worn.



You can visit the studio by appointment, we are nestled in between the madness of Leicester Square and the serenity of the National Portrait museum! Whitcomb street, WC2H 7DT. Please contact us to arrange a visit.