Cheltenham Hats

Hats for Cheltenham Races

The Cheltenham Races began in 1815, and since 1964 has been situated in it’s current location, right next to the Pitville art campus, where I did my Art Foundation Course many years ago. Little did I know back then, that I would be making Cheltenham Festival Hats for glamourous ladies on their favourite day out of the year.

I myself was born and bred just a 30 minute drive from Cheltenham, (near Evesham), and have always found Cheltenhams people to be as stylish and elegant as the town itself. I love that tweed reigns supreme here – for both men and women. But it’s not stuffy and old, it’s timeless, classic chic, and always so beautifully tailored.

Outfits for Cheltenham Festival tend to be much more muted than other races – Harris Tweed in earthy tones are the most popular, but you can be more daring in your colours if you choose. I have seen tailored fuchsia and other brightly coloured tweed suits on women. But the perfectly tailored pencil skirt, or the stylishly placed pleats, or simply just the weave of the actual tweed gives that sophisticated, earthy tone. The weather also plays a part, in March it’s cold, and windy, so it makes sense that heavier, natural fabrics and tailored jackets are essentials.

Hats for Cheltenham Races tend to feature a lot of pheasant feathers! Sometimes they are dramatic in their length or style, but often they are kept minimal. The hat can be where you put your pop of colour, especially if you are going for autumnal tones in the rest of your outfit. You can wear a brightly coloured fascinator, but we’ll make sure it’s got a felt base and works with your outfit. Or, if you are having an outfit made, we can use your fabric for a perfect match. Cheltenham Hats tend to be classic fedoras or trilby shapes. Your choice is how much you want to stand out, and how much you want to fit in. If you want to stand out, we’ll help you do that in a classy way. For example, choose one of our asymmetric trilbies which will give you a flare, you’ll be subtly different from the crowd. For Cheltenham Races, that subtlety is all you need.

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results