Race Day Hats

There are a multitude of race meets in the UK, each one having their own style, and shining for their own reasons. Whichever your race of choice, as Ladies Day approaches, it’s time to start getting excited, and looking for your hats for the races. We love to see creativity in outfits, as well as dressing appropriately for the etiquette and weather!

A day at the races is the opportunity to look and feel fabulous, to don your finest races fascinator, that dress that you’ve been dying to wear or that colour you’ve been daring yourself to try.

Race day dress codes vary depending on what venue you’re attending. If the dress code is more formal or conservative, make sure you follow any dress codes which have been released ahead of time, and don’t think that formal means boring, just put some thought into how you can be creative with the restrictions. Formal hats for ladies don’t have to look like the Queen’s hats; a wide brim classic sloped hat, for example, is timelessly elegant. Ladies hats for the races can be as varied as the choice of dresses out there. You can put all the emphasis on your hat, and keep the outfit to a chic and minimal, or you can go all out, knowing that it’s impossible to be overdressed at Ladies Day!

With any type of occasion dressing, it can be tricky to hit that fine line between adhering to the dress codes and traditions, and being comfortable in your outfit and yourself. If you’re not happy in your outfit then this will show, in your confidence and demeanour. Ladies day hats are known to be huge and over the top – here at Sahar Millinery we love seeing and creating these flamboyant hats, and seeing the fun that is had in the wearing of them. However, the majority of hats for the races we create are more akin to what you’d find on the pages of our Occasion Hats shop page, made to fit the wearer, to match their outfit. We place a lot of emphasis on comfort – and yes, it is possible to look truly elegant, in show-stopping, gravity-defying headpieces, and be comfortable!

In the lead up to the races, Sahar creates ladies race day hats in a multitude of colours and styles, in the highest quality fabrics and trims. You can make an appointment to see Sahar in her studio, bring your outfit, try on as many hats as you like, and have Sahar design you something to suit your needs.

Here we have featured a few ideas for Royal Ascot and Cheltenham, as they are two very different race meets in terms of style and time of year. If you are looking to purchase something ready-made, please see our Shop section. Or have something bespoke made please contact Sahar to make an appointment.