Headbands and Turbans

A headband or turban is a great way to dress up any outfit. They are an easy and comfortable way to dress up any outfit, and can be worn just as easily with jeans as with a dress; hair up or down; long or short.

We specialise in the turban style headband with elastic or velcro fitting – it’s a sort of twist knot turban headband. The knot gives height is flattering to the face. This knot can be worn to the side, or in the centre for more of a statement. As we hand-make our headbands and can make to order, it is possible adjust the height of the knot for you. If you are someone who likes a smaller, elegant, more minimal look, you might want less fabric, and more of a twisted headband rather than a high knot. If you are someone who likes statement fashion and goes by the mantra ‘Go big or Go home’ – then let’s not hold back and we’ll get that knot as high as we can. We love referring to these as the ultimate Urban Turban!

Each piece is elasticated at the back, fitting most people. If you have a particularly large or small head, please contact Sahar to make adjustments before sending.

We make our turbans in a variety of fabrics, the most popular being cotton, which is mostly worn out and about during the day. They are purely fabric headbands, which no plastic or metal headband which are prone to giving headaches. They are also great for keeping hair out of your face and hiding roots, or just generally to save you on a bad hair day!

We have many different printed cottons as well as plain cotton to choose from. If you prefer an African turban, we have many colourful bold prints in African fabrics. These tend to be waxed cotton, so give a lovely sculptural look to the piece. Or, if you’re more of a vintage chick, and you’re looking for a vintage headband, then our Polkadot fabric gives a definite 40s vibe. We bring back fabrics from Japan each year, both traditional style Japanese fabric and contemporary prints. The contemporary prints tend to be very graphic, bold prints, which we love. It is also possible to have a commission made. If you have a fabric you love, get in touch about making it into a headband for you: [email protected]

We can also do full turbans if you’d rather your whole head covered. This might be for religious or fashion reasons, or if you are undergoing hair loss. Sahar has experience with clients who are undergoing hair loss, from her special workshop ‘Hat Over Heels

In the winter, you can get a winter headband which is the same style but made from wool or velvet. These are great for keeping the ears warm, and whilst cycling. We first recommend you to wear a proper cycling helmet, but if you don’t wear a helmet, then our women’s winter headbands won’t fly off as you cycle, as the elastic makes sure they stay secure.

For a more classy or smart look, for example, if you want to wear your Faux Turban out in the evening or to an informal wedding, then velvet or silk works really well. For a winter occasion, whether that’s daytime or evening -a Velvet turban headband is a good choice.
Our silk headbands are mostly made from high-grade silk taffeta. They have a gorgeous sculptural ‘scrunchy’ texture to them, which means they can be somewhat manipulated by the wearer. These can have a 1920’s turban headband look to them, especially when the knot is worn low on the forehead. We can also add crystal beads, ceramics, vintage brooches, lace and all sorts to these pieces, if you want to dress up the silk even more!

Headband Veil
For a more dressy look, we have a hybrid turban hat which is knotted fabric, emulating the knot of a turban, mounted on an alice band, which birdcage veil. These look great in velvet or silk, but they are very versatile and if you have fabric for example if you are having a dress made, we can use your fabric of choice. The veil headband is a great way of dressing up for an occasion, for example, a nice lunch out, or if you are attending a less formal wedding. You can have your turban headpiece so you can turn it back to front and the veil then sits to the back of the head, and you have a more standard fabric knot showing – so you essentially get two pieces in one!

For a short video on how to wear a Faux-Turban, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jse66T8GlVo&feature=youtu.be

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