Ascot Hats

Hats for Ascot Ladies Day are world-renowned for their gravity-defying, larger-than-life, colourful spectrums of creativity, wit, and class.

Ascot Races is the world’s most prestigious horseracing event, with its historic royal association beginning in the 16th Century. That’s 300 years of standing under the patronage of the Royal Family.

“Notoriously the best place in England to see beautiful women in beautiful clothes”
-The Times, 1922

Ever since 1807, when the Gold Cup and it’s shorter races were introduced and its shorter races, Ascot races started to draw larger crowds. With this came the high fashion, elaborate couture, and of course millinery. These days, Ascot hats and fascinators draw more interest than the rest of the attire.

It was Prince Regent and Beau Brummell in the 1800s that sealed Ascot’s place in Britain’s fashion culture, insisting on waisted black coats and white cravats with pantaloons for all elegant men attending the races.
It was in the Edwardian era of the early 1900s that the focus shifted to headwear. Of course, back then you wouldn’t just have hats for Ascot – hats were customary for everyday life, but as the decades passed on and hat-wearing became less commonplace, Ascot’s dress code continued to maintain high standards. Although nowadays, hats have lost their symbolic significance, these high standards continue, and it is still obligatory to wear hats into the Royal Enclosure.

The men don’t have a lot of room to play, but despite the rules in place, ladies hats for Ascot show a huge variety of creativity and styles – from the traditional crown and brims, to the most extravagant Ascot Fascinators. Even those least interested in hats will open up the papers during Royal Ascot and enjoy seeing the most outlandish creations which have been snapped that day. Although the papers love to snap the most outrageous hats on show, in reality, Ascot – especially on Ladies Day – is awash with grace and style, and the finest attire.

When you come to Sahar Millinery for your Ascot hat, you can bring your outfit and try on all the hats you like. We can either pick and choose different elements to create something similar to our collections, or we can create something truly unique for you.
Every year, the organizers change details of the Royal Ascot Style Guide to accommodate current fashion trends. So we will consult the Ascot Style guides and make sure you are following all the rules!

The photos here are just a few examples of Royal Ascot hats. If you are looking for something ready-to-wear, please do look the various occasion hats on our Shop page. Otherwise, please contact Sahar to make an appointment: [email protected]

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Showing 1–12 of 36 results