Coral Currents – Teardrop Powder Blue Fascinator with Raspberry Ostrich Feathers


Step into a world where the serene ocean meets the vibrant shores, inspired by the environmental maven, Rachel Carson. Crafted from the finest straw, this teardrop baby blue fascinator radiates in tranquil soft blue, reminiscent of the calm seas that Carson cherished. But its true wonder lies in the contrasting twirls of bright raspberry pink ostrich feathers, evoking the vibrant coral reefs and the spirited dance of marine life. A nod to Carson’s groundbreaking work, “Silent Spring”, and her deep appreciation for nature’s vivid palette, this hat marries the calm with the vivacious. A standout blue wedding hat in our “wedding hats and fascinators” collection, it’s an emblem of both Carson’s legacy and the beauty of the world she so fervently sought to protect. With this on, you don’t just wear a fascinator; you wear a piece of history and passion.

As this piece is  made from entirely natural materials, it can come in an almost infinite number of colour-ways. Please contact us if you love the style, but need a different colour: [email protected]

By default:

  • The hat is fitted with elastic for maximum comfort and security. Elastic colour is medium brown so if you would like blonde or black (to match your hair colour)
  • The hat will be made to sit on the right hand side unless you ask us otherwise. 

Each piece is made to order, standard delivery 3-4 weeks but please tell us if you need your hat sooner as we can often accommodate. 


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