Wedding Hats

Wedding hats

A wedding is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a new outfit, and a wonderful excuse to finish it off with a hat. Depending on the formality of the wedding, and if wedding hats for guests has been stated as part of the dress code, may influence the size of the headpiece that you opt for. If it is a requirement, you might look at our big wedding hats, for example, the sloped brim, which is a very classic shape. We can also be confident that wearing birdcage veiling will be completely acceptable. If you are less sure of whether a hat is in keeping with the vibe of the wedding, then one of our percher hats would be perfect – they are small enough to not be imposing, but are made to flatter the wearer. They will add elegance, and complete the outfit.

A wedding hat can be a good way to tie together elements of the outfit, for example bringing in colours from the dress and your accessories, to make a complete look. Wedding hats are normally colourful, whether that is a block colour taken from the outfit, or an array of colours, particularly if the outfit is plain. My clients often reuse past dresses, and treat themselves to a new hat, knowing that the focus is always on the hat! People ask me if it is ok to wear a black hat for a wedding. The answer depends on the formality of the wedding, and the rest of your outfit. If it’s quite a traditional affair you might want to at least opt for a colour with the black, or black and white. Also – if your outfit is dark, we wouldn’t advise a black wedding hat, but if you have colour in your outfit then these days, to wear a black hat at a wedding won’t generally cause a stir. One colour you definitely should not wear – is white!

We have many wedding hats and fascinators to try, many of which are available ready to buy, or you can use our bespoke service. If you are not British and therefore probably not used to the custom of wearing a hat to a wedding, you might be curious to try it out! The Royal Family upholds this the British hat-wearing tradition, and although we no longer wear hats on a day-today basis, it is still very normal to wear hats for weddings.

We make our hats very comfortable. We fix most of our hats with elastic, which goes around the back of the neck. This holds the piece secure, so you can wear the hat all day and night, even dancing. Clients often report back and say they’d forget they were wearing it, save the compliments they received!