The Milliners Drawing Room

The Milliners Drawing Room

This is Sahar Millinery’s newest venture and is a collaboration with the exceptionally talented artist Layla Mohammed.

This is held on the final thursday of each month at the Sahar Millinery studio near Leicester Square (Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7DT). Cost is £15, and it is advisable to book early as spaces are limited: book here.

We don’t normally teach or give directions in the sessions, however, if you are not an artist and would like some help, tips on technique and direction, when we can arrange for Layla to give you some assistance.

Follow @millinersdrawingroom for a constant stream of gorgeous images and updates.

The Milliners Drawing Room is a life drawing class which is focused around hats and costume. We style the models in fabulous ways and play with creating interesting shapes, textures, patterns, colours, themes etc for you to come and draw!