Teal Regalia; Feather Teal Fascinator with Gold Flowers


The “Teal Regalia” fascinator is an exquisite tribute to Princess Martha of Sweden, known for her grace and elegance.

At the heart of this fascinator are deep teal feathers, forming a lush base that exudes a wintery charm. The teal base is elegantly juxtaposed with five opulent gold flowers, each meticulously finished with distressed gold leaf. This detailing adds a touch of antique luxury to the piece, reminiscent of royal heirlooms.

The gold fascinator, while opulent in vibe, is designed to be versatile. Suitable for a range of occasions, from winter weddings to formal events, it brings a luxurious touch to any ensemble. The metallic elements can be customized in silver or copper/rose gold, offering a personalized experience to match different tastes and outfits, and the base feathers can also be changed in colour. This piece, crafted by our skilled London milliner, is a harmonious blend of royal sophistication and contemporary style, making it a perfect addition to the collection of our London hat shop.

This fascinator sits close to the head, ensuring a sleek and elegant profile. Its size and design make it a striking yet unobtrusive addition to any wedding hat collection. Held securely in place with millinery elastic, “Teal Regalia” promises comfort and ease of wear, allowing the wearer to move with confidence and grace throughout any event. This teal fascinator is not just a hat, but a statement of regal elegance, blending the winter charm of teal feathers with the timeless allure of gold.

Please note, this fascinator is made to order and normally takes 3-4 weeks to ship. If you need your hat for a particular date please let us know. By defaut the elastic will be brown and the hat will be worn on the right hand side, if you need any changes, please email us at [email protected]


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