Mauve Pink Dimple Trilby


This feminine Dimple Trilby in a pink / mauve hue is a gentle way to turn heads. We recently got a phone call from a client who informed us that in the space of 5 minutes she’d received 3 compliments from 3 men separately when she wore this hat, and she was laughing when she told us they were all very handsome and a good 20 years younger than herself! … Now, we certainly don’t think we need men to make us feel good, but if a compliment is given, we’ll take it!

The main hat in the photo is finished with a thin velvet trim, but this can be changed to either a plainer trim or a vintage trim as shown in the product photo.

The shape is the ‘Dimple Trilby’ which is very comfortable to wear as it’s rounded to shape the head. The standard size is medium, but this can be made bigger or smaller, please request this via email: [email protected]

There are also many other options of colours and trims available, the photos show a few ideas.


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