Ascot Ascent – Sky Blue Saucer Hatinator with Cherry Blossom Adornment


 Embrace the spirit of Spring and the elegance of the most esteemed events with our “Ascot Ascent” hatinator. Drawing inspiration from Junko Tabei, the first woman to conquer the heights of Mount Everest, this saucer hat represents an ascent into ethereal beauty. Perfectly curated for Royal Ascot and other esteemed occasions, its sky blue palette mirrors the vast skies Tabei might have looked upon during her adventures.

Every inch of this blue hatinator, a favorite among ascot hats, is meticulously designed to transport you beneath a cherry tree in full bloom, giving those around you the vision of looking up into a celestial blue sky framed by the delicate cherry blossoms of Spring. A nod to the most sought-after hats for Ascot Ladies Day, this piece effortlessly embodies the season’s renewing energy.

For ladies seeking the perfect blue fascinator or those on the hunt for distinguished hats for Ascot, this hatinator blends tradition with innovation. The cherry blossom decoration, enveloping around the saucer hat, adds a poetic touch, making it one of the must-have ladies hats for Ascot. Whether you’re attending Royal Ascot or any grand event, Tabei’s Ascot Ascent ensures you stand out, celebrating both nature’s beauty and the indomitable spirit of women like Junko Tabei.

Fitted with tan millinery elastic and wire frame, and worn on the right, please let us know if you’d like this any other way.

Other colourways are available, please just ask [email protected]

This hat is made to order and non refundable. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery and let us know if you need it for a certain date.


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