Monochrome Majesty Saucer – Black and white Polka Dot Saucer Hat


Introducing the Monochrome Majesty Saucer Hat – a luxurious Ascot-style fascinator hat that marries timeless elegance with the avant-garde spirit of Yayoi Kusama. Renowned for her distinctive polka dot motifs and immersive installations, Yayoi’s art challenges the norms and invites viewers to explore the depth within repetition. This hat draws from her signature use of dots, employing a monochrome palette to create a dramatic, yet sophisticated statement piece.

Crafted from the finest Sinamay, the Monochrome Majesty Saucer Hat boasts an ivory base adorned with meticulously placed black dots. Each dot is encircled by black cut-glass crystal beads, sewn by hand to catch the light with every turn, embodying the meticulous attention to detail found in Yayoi’s works and indeed her mirror installations. The saucer hat’s grand silhouette is both a nod to her expansive art and a perfect fit for the grandeur of Royal Ascot.

Trimmed with a sleek black petersham ribbon along its rim, the hat maintains a crisp, clean line, ensuring its wearer stands out in the crowd. Its construction is supported by a discreet millinery wire alice band, allowing the fascinator to hover gracefully above the head, promising an impeccable look without the worry of ‘hat hair’.

The Monochrome Majesty Saucer Hat is not just a hat, but a piece of wearable art. It aligns flawlessly with the Ascot dress code, making it a quintessential accessory for Royal Ascot attendees who wish to embody the event’s sophistication while embracing an artistic edge. This piece is a must-have for those seeking a black and white fascinator that adheres to the Royal Ascot dress code and represents the pinnacle of Ascot hats. It is a timeless investment for your Ascot wardrobe, assuring that you adhere to the hats for Ascot tradition with a piece that is as much a conversation starter as it is an homage to one of the art world’s living legends.

Fitted with tan millinery elastic and wire frame, and worn on the right, please let us know if you’d like this any other way.

Other colourways are available, please just ask [email protected]

This hat is made to order and non refundable. Please allow 5 weeks for delivery and let us know if you need it for a certain date.


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