Felt Hat Making Courses


This is also known as the ‘Vintage Style’ millinery class because we mostly use the small ‘percher’ hat bases. A ‘Percher Hat’ is delightfully small enough to simply ‘perch’ on the edge of the head. This is the typical style of hat that you will find in the Sahar Millinery collections.

Often, percher hats look quite vintage – akin to the pillbox hats of the 50s or structured beret hats of the 40s. However, depending on how you trim / style your hat – it could also look completely contemporary.

There are a variety of blocks (ie shapes) available (pillbox, button, beret etc). If you like the idea of doing the felt class, but would rather block a ‘full’ hat, there is also the option of making a cloche (ie 1920s shape) or trilby hat. Please note, these hats usually need to be finished at home. We also offer more a more extensive 2 day workshop, to make a full hat. 

In this class, a participant would use the Sahar Millinery wooden blocks to make a hat (a very traditional millinery method) and stretch the felt material around using steam using a millinery steamer – this is called ‘blocking’. We then finish the hats with wire, Petersham ribbon, and decorations. 

As you book, Sahar will ask you what shape you’d like to make as the blocks are available on a first-paid-first-reserved basis (for most blocks there is only one of each shape). Feel free to enquire from Sahar which blocks are still available for your chosen date.  You will also be provided with a colour chart so you can order your chosen felt colour ahead of time.

At the end of the class, each participant will have one new hat to take away with them, and gained an insight into the world of millinery – it’s materials, techniques, and how trimmings can drastically alter the look and feel of a hat.

This class is suitable for all levels. Basic sewing knowledge is helpful but not essential. Classes are small (typically 2 – 6 people).

If you’re buying this as a voucher for someone, you can simply email Sahar the name of the person you’re buying it for and Sahar will put their name on the e-voucher and email it to you. You can either book a place on a class coming up, or the person who is being gifted can email Sahar to arrange a mutually convenient date. The voucher is valid for one year. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.vTip: Buy a hat box and print out the voucher, to present in the hat box!

Dates: normally we arrange classes when there is demand, so if you don’t see classes listed on the Events page, don’t worry, email us with your availability and we’ll create a date.

‘I’ve participated at a fascinator making workshop – what an amazing experience, really loved Sahar’s knowledge, explanation, creativity and structure of the workshop. Left totally inspired, will definitely attend more!!!’


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