masks and headbands


December 9, 2020
How and why to wear hats during lockdown, and accepting face masks as the new must-have accessory (literally) What I realized during the first lockdown, is that amongst most of my friends there was a divide between people who; used this time to get super fit, healthy, try on a new style, learn a new [...]
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Japanese Art Islands

Konnichiwa! Japan Part Two: The Art Islands

July 11, 2020
After Tokyo, I met up with my brother, Faizi (who very helpfully speaks fluent Japanese), and my holiday began. This was a trip to the ‘Art Islands’ - a cluster of Islands in the west of Japan which until recently, was mostly derelict, but has been regenerated in recent years. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. I’m [...]
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Fruits of Osaka

Konnichiwa! Kawaii! You have a small face!

May 30, 2020
Adventures in Japan I was recently lucky enough to spend 3 fun weeks in Japan, after being invited by Hankyu Department Store to take part in their annual British Fair in Osaka.  I’d never been to Japan before, but it had been a dream for the past 10 years to sell in Japan so it [...]
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astrix copy

A Milliners London Lockdown

May 5, 2020
Right now I’m sat in my conservatory, after having rotated between here, the kitchen, my bedroom, the garden, several times over - to try to change up my day. I’m sure you’ve been doing the same. I have been feeling extremely lucky to have a sunny conservatory and a garden during this time, two fantastically [...]
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Mad-cap vision of the future I had when reading The Secret: My future shop. It's got a secret UglyLovely room and a courtyard for afternoon tea. You can either have the 'Sahar Millinery' afternoon tea or the 'UglyLovely' afternoon tea... what a hoot!

Mindset: Reflective Musings on Success

January 11, 2018
This one is quite a personal blogpost; reflective musings which I originally wrote for my own benefit, but decided to share, in case it’s of any use to anyone else. I’ve recently been sharing on social media a bunch of great stuff which has been happening for my business recently, which all seems to have [...]
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Screenshot 2017-11-11 10.23.09

Behind the Scenes: Paloma Faith music video

November 19, 2017

One Thursday a few weeks ago I was called up my the extremely talented costume designer Alex Noble with an enquiry about 20 hats for Paloma Faith’s music video. ‘Not a problem’ I replied, ‘when do you need them?’…. ‘Next Saturday’… Gulp! The brief was: ‘handmaiden, grey, very large, stiff round brim and shallow crown’ […]

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Sahar Millinery Red Velvet Turban

Hats on the Runway: Fall 2017

November 14, 2017

The Fall 2017 runways were filled with headgear of all shapes and sizes, including the cloche hats in Jacquemus and head turban in Gucci. If you’re looking for a new hats, the options are infinite. Here are some of my favourite styles from the runway: Cloche Hats Cloche hats were popular in the ‘20s and ‘30s […]

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Vintage Style Headband

How to wear a Faux-Turban

June 14, 2017
Sahar Millinery's range of 'Faux-Turbans' are an easy way to add a bit of 'pizazz' or your outfit. Designed to be daywear so as easy to match with jeans as it is with a pretty vintage dress. They are twisted cotton, pre-tied, pre-sewn and with a simple piece of elastic at the back it's as [...]
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The Red Shoes

January 25, 2017
I first saw this film when i was 6 years old, in the hospital waiting room when my mum was pushing out my brother. Of course my parents were too preoccupied with the birth that they'd forgotten to find a babysitter or pack any toys for their 6 and 8 year old girls. So, there [...]
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